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About GYLF Partnership

Partnership with the GYLF gives you ample opportunities to change and impact the lives of young people around the world. We provide succor from the storms of life, with a strong support system ministering faith, hope, and love through our various humanitarian platforms. The GYLF is specially structured for the intellectual and physical development of youth; we transform their lives and thus their communities. The GYLF is a registered non-profitable organization, where we are able to tackle challenges mostly faced by teenagers and youths all around the world by providing the vital resources to develop solutions to the global challenges.

Young People Rejoicing


Through your partnership with us:

º  You create the platform for the youth to attain their God-given potentials.
º  You provide community services, humanitarian services and spread the love of God to many in several nations.
º  You will be raising a generation of young men and women around the world, who will be responsible for giving           people’s lives a new meaning.
º  You will be training young people in leadership; giving them direction and purpose, so that they can become               agents of change in the society.
º  You create a platform where young people can inspire and be inspired by the impact they are making around the       world.
º  We can harness the potentials of the youths, and explore opportunities for them to increase their sphere of              influence with focus on Kingdom expansion.

You can collaborate with us by:
º  Actively recruiting young people to join the GYLF NETWORK
º  Giving for any of our projects listed on our sponsorship category.

GYLF Outreach
GYLF Giving Opportunities


• DONATE: Make a secure one-time giving.

PLANNED GIVING: This is purposeful and deliberatelygiving for a specific reason i.e. leaving a legacy of change and impact future generation.
• MONTHLY GIVING: This giving is regular and consistent based on decision.

Adopt a Project/Nation: Fund a nation conference/outreach/ crusade/charity donation of your choice. Please be specific on what the seed should be used for and get involvedin the execution.

Become A Corporate Sponsor


The Corporate bodies have the opportunity to align their organizational charitable ambitions with their global interests and GYLF is a great platform in actualizing this through our various charity services rendered to youths.

Under this categories of giving, we have the following packages:
MISSION CHAMPIONS: Sponsorship of mission trips with a specific figure - $2,500
HOPE CHAMPIONS: Sponsorship of conference and charity - $10,000
GLOBAL CHAMPIONS: Join this chariot – in the Fix A Youth campaign, an organization adopt a particular youth or group of youths and sponsor their education - $15,000


The GYLF ambassadors carry out mission trips to countries base on the peculiar challenges they are faced with. During the visits, we evangelize and administer other necessary charity services, after which, they are continually groomed and nurtured to become spiritual giants of the Gospel and icons of Christianity.


The GYLF ambassadors organize Youth conferences and outreaches on a monthly bases in different nations of the world to evangelize and propagate the gospel to the youth, and we have mind-blowing testimonies of harvest of youth impacted as a result. The impact and results of the conference all around the world has been phenomenal. Connect with this great platform to build the next world leaders.


This campaign is centered on soul winning activities and community development projects. In line with our set goals as a department, GYLF members are involved in Elderly Home/Hospice visits, Juvenile Correctional Facility visits, Homeless visits,Rehabilitation Programs, Volunteering and set up of Food Banks, and the distribution of thousands of educational materials to youth including the bestselling bookon mind management, ”The Power of Your Mind” amongst other charity projects. Through your partnership, these charity projects can be sustained and held regularly.


The Global Youth Leaders’ Academy is a special initiative designed to inspire and provoke radical transformation in her students; to make them exceptional leaders who will impact their world, and proffer lasting solutions to societal challenges. The academy runs in sessions and operates on-site during the summer, with all registrations and admissions done online for free, for youth between the ages of 13 to 25 years. The courses offered are practical, motivating and insightful which helps to reform the mindset of the youth. Thank you for deciding to partner with us in raising leaders and building the future.

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