Published on Monday 23rd September 2019

This auspiscious conference held in the city Managua with over 1,000 youths from 7 Central American countries (Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, El Salvador, USA, Costa Rica and Nicaragua) in attendance.


The conference began with a special time of prayers and spirited worship to prepare the hearts of the delegates to receive words that will alter their destiny for good.


There was also an insightful talk show to further communicate the vision of the GYLF and incorporate  everyone of them into the forum.


The ministration of the Spirit was so evident as the word of God was taught powerfully, and the conference room was full of the tangible presence of God.


Hundreds of youths gave their hearts to Christ and many received the Holy Spirit and began to speak  in other tongues. Praise God!


It was truly a turning point for many of these youths and it's a new dawn for them.


We will like to say a big thank you to you our esteemed partners for giving these youths the opportunity to receive salvation through your partnership. Thank you for joining force with us to illuminate 10,000 cities this year.


Indeed there is rejoicing in heaven over these ones that have received Salvation.

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