About Us

Introducing... The Global Youth Leaders' Forum

The Global Youth Leaders’ Forum is a platform designed by the Spirit of God for nurturing and grooming young people from around the world; giving them direction and purpose, as well as vision.

Our main objective is to raise a new generation of youth who will take on the role of leadership in the society and be vehemently responsible for the spreading of the Gospel of Christ in their world, now and in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take God’s divine presence to every young person in the world and to demonstrate the character of the Spirit.

Our Mission

To train and build young people in leadership, so that they will become agents of change to the society – solution providers, champions of the Gospel and role models of the Christian youth.

EYC Alumni Academy

The Easter Youth Camp Alumni Academy is a special initiative of the Healing School charged with the responsibility of training, inspiring and equipping alumni of the International Easter Youth Camp, building these young people from all around the world for the work of the ministry.